December 02, 2009

Surrendering to God's Will

Those words yesterday morning were unmistakable seemingly coming from distance in the guise of flowing womans singing voices that I took to be the Daughters of St. Paul. Yet, upon listening to the song I posted, I played it and it seemed right. Today was different as I listened it was familiar, yet those words were not even part of the song. Come, take my hand was not even there. Should it matter, no, since I did get what was meant to be given. Possibly to also draw my attention to that particular song as well. He knows my heart better than anyone.

I do trust and believe more than ever His grace and those blessings to keep me ever in focus of my path. I believe this is the first time that words that came in the form of a song did not match the words of a song. But the song sung was in the same form of the words sung interiorly. I understood what was given and took it a step further in what I was to understand. This at least makes sense to me. It's also a lesson in humility as well. I received and went in search, found and took to heart what I needed at the time. Who knows but God for what purpose it was done this way.

Anyway, last night I took my parents to LaSalette because my mom wanted to go before it was too cold for them. We arrived and had time to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation before Mass. I think that song had a huge part in my own confession, because my heart was totally given to God. The Priest who heard my confession, I enjoy going to him, and I can't even pronounce his name unless he says it first. I feel very comfortable going to him, which I usually don't feel when I go to others. I do know that at least on those occasions when I do go to the Shrine and avail myself of the Sacrament it's not always with the same Priest. That too keeps us humble.

None of us were disappointed seeing the lights this year, they are magnificent. A definite must see. There was a bus that came all the way from New Jersey to see the lights too. That is awesome to know. It's nice to know that Parishes and communities arrange this for the season of Advent. To help them prepare for the coming birth of Jesus. I believe with all my heart in what God has done for me and continues to do in preparing me.

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Faith said...

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