December 04, 2009

God's Love

Preparations are not easy. Such as preparing for a trip, what to take is one of the questions. Reflecting upon this during Advent, I began to think what is truly necessary and what is not. Why am I broaching on this subject? Yesterday, I picked up my mom after she dropped her car off to be fixed. On the ride back the subject came up and so did a delightful rainbow.

I mentioned about preparation and eternity that maybe God was trying to tell us all along to be constantly prepared for we do not know when our time will end. Individual time that is. When we die. If we live a life without God or kept him as a small part of our life, when we die we will discover where we will spend eternity. Living life in constant preparation and in constant communion with our Loving God will bring us to that eternal happiness he so many times mentions. I don't know if any of this is correct, as yesterday it was profound when it was spoken of. What truly made it more remarkable was a rainbow on the way home as we were speaking of God's love and this subject. His sign of his promise to us. Once we were home, it truly did downpour with the sun shining.

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