December 30, 2009

An End For A Beginning

Jesus is always the way the truth and the life and if we think otherwise we are clueless. Why would any of us want to be that way. I was for quite some time but I asked our Lord while in front of the Blessed Sacrament who was going to help me. This was asked sometime in the latter part of the year 2004. Unbeknownst to myself I was going to receive it in small ways via a singing Preacher in the next few years.

The many times I had felt the call to go to LaSalette were moments of a period of testing, then there were the times when the call to be present for a concert or a healing Mass would baffle me. It was a period of learning. I didn't know that this was God's grace of giving me much to dwell on. Even when I went on retreat at My Fathers House recently and while talking with some of the retreatants I had this inexplicable call to go to the Chapel. Which I excused myself and blurted out that I had this overwhelming need to be present in the Chapel and briefly explained that when that happens I do as asked at that moment. Then off to the Chapel and there I knelt in solitude and prayer.

These past few years have taught me to answer and respond to God with such love and trust. Anyway, last night I went to LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro to view the lights, to wander and slowly enjoy the beauty that was created to bring the spirit of Christmas alive. It was so cold with the brisk wind blowing yet this one time I did the stairs in pain and in sorrow knowing the path Jesus took was filled with much more than I will ever endure. With that thought each step brought me closer to the top. Once I finished I went around and looked at it all. I went in to spend time in front of the Crucifix in the Reconcilition room giving my heart even more than I thought possible. I didn't want to attend the concert this time. But I felt propelled and soon found my way into the Church.

Father Andre Patenaude was already singing to a crowd of people. From the testimony of many, this man has quite an impact that many are able to receive words from his songs. This I can say is true because I didn't understand that it was possible. I always believed it was from the grace of the Holy Spirit and I still believe that. Because it isn't just his songs that it happens with but with the Gospel and other musicians as well. What I can attest to is the Holy Spirit working through him with the words we are to understand in order for us to grow. Last night I cried not knowing why, yet, there were moments of knowledge. For a long time I wasn't sure about anything but as I mentioned about Christmas Eve in an earlier post something happened on last years Christmas Eve and then oddly months later something happened to a person. I recognized what truth was given to me and found myself in prayer this year. But I digress a bit because without those moments of learning I would not have understood what God has done for me. Thank you Father Patenaude for your continued commitment to God's Kingdom and all that you do to bring people back to Him via His Blessed Mother Mary, Our Lady of LaSalette, Reconciler of Sinners.

So as this year ends we too now begin anew with a new year and a new spirit filled with God's love.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

Sometime try going to Fatima Shrine in Holliston, MA.
It's on Rte. 126, which is Exit 18 on Rte. 495. They have their lights on now, also.
My favorite time is spring and fall in the day light. It's a lovely place to pray the Rosary.
Have you gone to the Icon Museum in Clinton, yet? My Senior Center is going there Jan 6 and I'm going too.
How about the Walk for Life in Washington DC on Jan 22? Are you going?
Did you receive your January eLumen?

Marie Cecile said...

I didn't know Fatima Shrine in Holliston had lights. I've been there before, It's very nice. Never been to the Icon Museum in Clinton. I bet that will be a good trip with the Senior Center. Only have 2 holidays for January and I booked them already for the Chapter Meeting. Plus I can't afford to go to Washington DC, I haven't been blessed in the department of funds. Just in other areas. I did receive the eLumen for January and have begun reading it and saw that it's the 5 year anniversary and changes. I enjoy reading the eLumen and glad to get it too. You and the team do a fantastic job.

Faith said...

RE: the Walk for Life in DC. My parish is providing a bus. Actually, the Flatley Family has offered buses for all parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston for free. My parish doesn't have enough people going so we go on another parish's bus.

Marie Cecile said...

Faith, is that a one day and return?

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