December 26, 2009

Coming Along

It's been way too many days since the last post. Merry Christmas, I hope that it has been a reflective and prayer filled season of Advent in the preparation of the arrival of our Lord. Birth is always a joyous occasion.

These last few days have been truly reflective ones for me as well. Last year at Christmas something extraordinary occured that I tried to understand, until much later I did find out something that added to this event. This year, my thoughts have been focused upon those who truly are alone with no family whatsoever and no one to be with. Those thoughts were with those who don't receive any love from their fellow human beings.

It was my desire and prayer for God to surround them with love, that somehow someone would reach out and let them know they are not alone and that they are loved. My rosary at Midnight was for them this Christmas. These are the lost living souls that need love more than ever.

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