December 13, 2009


It's hard to believe that five years have gone by already since that evening when He first appeared on the Eucharist. I remember that evening as if it were yesterday. Calling my mom and dad to come and see if they could see him too, and they couldn't. So much has happened since then mainly growth in understanding. Yet, that too at times comes in stages.

I look back to all that was given and done and realize he has done so very much and continues to give. He is the greatest strength in the midst of trials when among the thorns of this world. Jesus took so much for our sake, the crown of thorns that was placed on his head and the wounds he bore that we placed there. To think that he would die for us time and time again because he loves us so very much.

There are moments when I have to really think about why he chose to show me so much. That I feel really stupid when I don't know the answers about some of lifes questions. But then again, perhaps there really isn't any need at all when the focus is mainly upon Him in the first place.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

MC, when I first started reading Catholic blogs in 2005, your older blog was one of the first ones I "accidently" came across, and it was then that I first read about your experiences with the Eucharist and Adoration. It meant so much to me to find someone else who was having mystical experiences. I will never forget how He led me to you.

Marie Cecile said...

Gabrielle, you touched my heart with those words. You have been an inspiration for me these many years with your blog Contemplative Haven and the one for our Blessed Mother "Consecrated to Mary" have kept us all closer to our Holy Family. I have kept you in prayers all these years. Most of all thank you for being a friend.

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