December 21, 2009


The newest and free addition to the household is adjusting quite well. His temperament is awesome. It's been a period of adjusting for all of us. What can one say when an addition warrants change.

Thinking about this, the same can be said when families prepare for a birth. The gathering of baby items, preparing a room then the wait. We too are going through this, awaiting the arrival of Jesus. If we are true to our faith we would have been preparing our hearts and souls. Getting the room in our hearts ready.

Mary had nine months to prepare for the coming of Jesus. She had nine months to nurture his life with love and faith. That babe in her womb was fed her faith, her strength and her love for God. Children today, don't have this benefit, often they are nurtured in a womb surrounded by chaos. Lack of faith and sometimes a lack of love can mar those nine months. We can see the results today in the children born.

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