November 18, 2009


Todays Gospel reading was from Luke 19:11-28 regarding a parable about a nobleman and ten servants who were given ten gold coins. Each was to care for what was given him. So the gist of the parable went on about each servant, who were to tell what they did with what was given them, at the end of the reading it came about how those who have, more will be given, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. This parable seems to have played itself out for me the other day on facebook.

Facebook has many things that one can do regarding giving gifts to your facebook friends. I had received quite a few requests regarding these gifts. So one evening as I set out to reciprocate when I clicked on the accept button, nothing seemed to happen. I then tried with another without thinking or noticing what happened to do the same with another gift. Again nothing, but as I looked up there was a message that said I had ignored the gift. I know I didn't push the ignore button, because I tried again and the same message came up. It was the flukiest thing to happen. The next day, which was yesterday, I was able to accept what gifts were given, but I also remembered this same parable and oddly remarked on it. When I prepare for my time to read at mass I don''t read the Gospel before hand.

This mornings reading brought it home to me how the Gospel is very alive and brought to light in unique ways. There have been many times that I have thought it was this very reading and how I have lost so much, was regarding the sins of my life and how I took care of my own personal gifts that have been given. Yet, on a spiritual level I have been given wonderful gifts, while on the material level I have lost most of all. I have found that the truly important part of the parable meant the gifts God has given not the material that we acquire in life. The lesson for me was acknowledging this truth most of all. God is good and loving. When we realize and recognize this truth life as we know it will never be the same. Mostly I love how the Gospel plays out in my life and I see his Word in loving ways.

3 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

I hate this parable. It makes me very uncomfortable because I'd probably hide the gold coins. I think the others, to obtain such gains must have gambled with their gold coins. I'd be very afraid of losing what I had so I'd keep them safe--very safe. I also don't like to think of God as this king. He rewards those that have much and doesn't help the poor.

Faith said...

Check out this site:

Marie Cecile said...

Faith, you know something, I don't much like this one myself for the same reasons you mentioned. I think mainly out of fear of being condemned by a loving God. But I think Jesus was trying to teach us that God does love us, as a parent loves us, not as a King. I may be wrong too, it just seems to come into focus at times in my life. Then I begin to wonder, for what purpose.

Thank you for the link as well, I will check it out.

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