November 20, 2009


Tonight was the beginning of the Forty Hour devotion at Christ the King Church. Unfortunately it was done completely in Polish. I remember years ago that they did it in English with Polish and the Church was full. Now with the past couple of years done only in Polish I noticed that the attendance has dropped. Yet with all the masses this Church provides, only one is done in Polish while the rest are in English. They want vocations from the community but strangly they leave out their neighbors when they do this for a devotion that should include everyone.

It shouldn't matter because God speaks to the heart anyway, no matter what language is spoken at the time. I found this out at the last Forty Hour devotion and again at this one. When the homily was given after the Gospel reading, my mouth dropped open in shock upon seeing the Monstrance hover again in a way that was unmistakable. I was shocked because I was not expecting it. Just gazing at Him and letting my eyes rest upon Him, while letting my gaze move around the entire Monstrance so as not to settle on one spot. It is those moments I cherish, because that is when He gives me His undying love. I know then the truth of how truly alive he is in the Eucharist and in my heart.

It was also at moments later on as well while vespers were done in a language I don't understand, yet as the Monstrance moved, that language was universal. What He did for me was to give me a better understanding that even though I didn't understand the words to what I was hearing around me, I did understand what I saw and I trust in that completely. That the most important part of all was believing in what I have seen not just in what I have heard. But to believe in both. God is so good!

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