November 28, 2009


Advent is almost upon us. A time for preparation for the coming Birth of Jesus. There are so many in this world who celebrate the Holiday, but not the true meaning of it or for that matter prepare our lives during Advent for his coming.

Advent for many is a season of shopping and decorating. I read somewhere that this is a good time to shop and decorate for our interior. I thought that was pretty good. Shopping for a good spiritual book, or a prayer book that will jar the interior part of ourselves. Preparing our interior means putting away the worldly goods we hold onto. Just like when we decorate the outside and inside of our homes, we often need to put away in storage items that are not useful or clash with the decor.

Advent is this time where we should be doing the same thing for our spiritual life and faith. Putting away things that clash with what we know is true. Letting the Holy Spirit in and become our daily source of life as we prepare. I know this is hard for many to do, to give up and put away negativity, gossip, being hateful toward our neighbors, these things come from our interior selves as well as outside influences. These are decors that clash with God and his love and goodness. So many would like to know God and his family, yet will not take the time to prepare as they know they should.

It's too much of a chore to remove bad habits and place them away like we do with our material possesions when we decorate for holidays. In a sense we have become idol worshipers of the items we place as a focul point of our decoration and many are not of what the season is all about. Does that also mean to say that how we decorate our homes proves how much we don't have God in our lives. When many say they are believers but don't even go to Church or truly practice their faith or decorate their homes as a believer. Let this Advent be a time to bring God back into focus in our lives and restore the beauty of our faith.

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