October 29, 2009

Only For God

The last few days have been busy ones, not in the physical way but in the spiritual way. Attending scripture sharing, seminar and Adoration, Church and our Meat pie project that is taking place to delight those who enjoy those personal size French Meat Pies. I learned so much about the process of making them as well as how it all began. They are still taking orders until Nov. 5.

The seminar went extremely well, those who attended were prayed over by their group leaders. Each one had a unique experience. It was quite a day and one that I am happy to have been a part of. Scripture sharing has been delightful as well. I must say that the past few days have been satisfying days. Hardly home, and when I was home, the time seemed short then off to another meet.

Briefly I was able to go on to facebook and hit the like to acknowledge, but even the time on there was limited. One night Father Plasse came over for supper and then we played cards. It was one of those times when there was no time for oneself, but a time of giving of oneself for others. I found these days quite pleasurable considering how busy it was.

Right now I have not written of what went on at the seminar regarding specifics because it was an awesome experience that still needs digesting. I'm in awe of the Holy Spirit and I have been for a long time. One thing about busy for the Lord and being busy for the world, there is a difference. One does not tire when it is done for God.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

I don't know the ingredients of the French Meat Pies but my French Grandmother taught my mother how to make turkey stuffing. I bet they're pretty close. Is the meat ground pork?

Marie Cecile said...

Hi Faith,

They make the French Meat Pies with half ground beef and half ground pork and secret spices no one knows. They are delicious. Can't beat the turkey stuffing though, and yes they are close but the stuffing is still better, possibly due to the turkey juices adding to the flavor while cooking. That is coming up soon.

Faith said...

Yes, we mix the ground pork with ground beef. The pork takes over the taste so you'd never know that there's ground beef in it. I know the secret ingredient but I'm certainly not posting it on the internet. SEAL OF CONFESSION!!!

However, I will whisper it in your ear, IF I ever meet you in person.

Marie Cecile said...

Most definitely will be keeping my eyes peeled for any future places that the Lay Fraternities may have meetings. I look forward to meeting you too in person. Good thing you won't divulge on here the secret ingredient, I don't want you to break the SEAL OF CONFESSION, I'm chuckling over that one. What a great way to start the day!!

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