October 16, 2009

A Day in the Life

I think I've been captivated by the Holy Spirit. Going to the Seminar has been such a positive in my life when going to the Dentist has been a negative. At least on my last visit when the shots gave more pain than I cared for, the end result was less mouth pain when it was all over with and the numbness went away. How can the two go hand in hand, easy, prayer for strength, prayer to endure what must be done. Prayer that the negative will be a positive end result.

The Seminar has also taught me to Praise on a vocal level what I have normally done in silence via through my thought and my heart. Praising God, praising Jesus for all that we have and all that they do for us. Amazing how such simple words can bring more joy into our lives than thought possible. I praise you Jesus for letting me see another day.

Even at scripture sharing I have been hearing the others of my Parish reveal how much they love our Lord in the Eucharist. A blessing they receive as well as I do when I hear their stories of faith. It might take me a bit more to be open among people who have practiced their faith all their lives and have so much without them looking upon me as strange for what God has so graciously given. Except, the times when I did try to say something I've been always cut off so they can reveal theirs and told to just sit and listen. So in a sense I sit and stay silent and listen. It's not about me anyway, so I gladly listen and learn about the people of my Parish and discover their love for Jesus. A blessing in disguise. I pray that the Holy Spirit will purify my heart and allow me to continue to be a witness for God's love. While I continue to learn about faith and more about God and Jesus. I want to know them so much more.

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