October 22, 2009

The Blind Shall See

There is a remarkable difference when wearing glasses just for reading and those prescribed for better vision. Those readers did a great job but they didn't compare to having the right strength for seeing. Now I know why I was making so many typos. Having diabetes doesn't help the vision either but as with life one must care for their health. Like a good Priest mentioned to me about food and how sometimes we use it to kill our bodies just as much as we use it for maintaining health. It's the over indulging part that we tend to do the act of killing ourselves. I never saw it that way before and this is one time I really do appreciate having the blindness cleared from my inner eyes in a new way.

The same goes for the Life in the Spirit Seminar and how we become open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Not only the gifts but being open with others about our faith when we are in person. I have been open about mine and what I have experienced on here but often fail to speak in person. I've encountered mixed reactions in person yet I know it's an unusual way to go about things, but sometimes when I reveal what I have experienced, changes seem to occur in others, not always in a welcoming way. Some become distant, afraid to come near. I wondered if it was the happiness that seems to bubble up when I am around people I don't know. I know that having the pictures as proof are tantamount about what I saw. They are quite a remarkable gift to have been given by God for his wonderful love for humankind. It's not just for my eyes to see but for others as well when they look with faith God will reveal his image to them as well. For what it's worth being poor is the greatest gift, yet with these pictures I am the richest of all. In the very spiritual sense since they were freely given by God himself. He let me know I am worth so much more to him than what money from this world could bring. That alone is a special blessing I was given and one I cherish with all my heart. This seminar has opened my eyes to what I kept hidden from myself, the truth of what God has done for me. I knew deep in my heart the magnificence of it but didn't want to see it in such a way that placed me far above my calling in life. At least with knowing with my eyes and my ears what my heart has known the blessing has been truly a gift of faith. Maybe I was truly blind because I failed to see what God has done for me, I didn't want to see it in this light.

My prayers upon this tremendous grace have been extraordinary in the way of being thankfull for all those who have been chosen and have crossed my path and made a difference in my life. It's a struggle to walk daily with this acknowledgement, to know that he chose to honor me in this way when I would have kept the thought of how so very unworthy I am no matter what he has done. I still tend to think that way too, how unworthy I am. I too have to remember that when I think that way, then I call him a liar for what he did for me and with that I find myself accepting his plan for my life easier.

If there are others who struggle with God's choosing them to be his, then I hope that what I write will help them see His love in it all.

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