September 06, 2009


I feel blissfully ignorant of most things that I lack any knowledge of. A good thing I suppose, considering the many topics that one could converse about. Even though I was brought up Catholic and taught the Catechism of the Church, there is so much that I fail to know. These past few years have been truly a learning experience.

When a person goes to school they learn the basics and should they seek higher learning they continue on to a higher level of studies. Faith and religion are the same, many have continued throughout their life kept up the knowledge that makes up the Body of Christ. For many of us they are the wellspring of life, the ones who we go to to find some of lifes greatest answers. I try to seek and find the answers and when I am unable to, I go right to the very source of life, God himself. There has always been an area of learning that I truly lack understanding and that is the many ways we are to form sentences and use punctuation. This is one area that has been the hardest for me throughout my life. I've tried many a time to form what is coming from my thought to place on paper and I'll tell you it doesn't even come close at times. I sit there scratching my head and wonder how I did that one. Have to laugh at myself in those moments when a aged brain can cause lots of flubbers even when verbally speaking.

I have to laugh because I would never win any awards for the way I write, thank goodness. It's at those times I look at the Bible and when it was written without punctuation or how a sentence is supposed to be, then I feel so much better at my own lack of being grammatically correct. Why am I writing this anyway, possibly it has to do with judgement we all make in others. A conversation over Scripture sharing and judgement on appearance, smell of a person, life style brought this to mind this morning. Judgement on the written word as much as appearance or lack of for many people. I hear it at work many a time about typos that others make and if it happens there, one can imagine the whole world does it too on a much larger magnitude. What do the commandments say about judgement in the first place.

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