September 27, 2009

The Still Small Voice

It seems Jesus has quite a sense of humor when imparting a message that requires deciphering another language. At least I was able to recognize it was French. It was very apparent and unusual because it came from the smallest voice as if from far away. At least this one is a song in French from quite an early album that I am unable to locate lyrics for. I stumbled across this a few years ago and hardly listen to it. It was odd that it came through, not because of being very still and silent but I have no idea what the song is about. I had my mom listen to it to at least give me an idea what the words were. The words de la mere were at the end of the sentence. The title of the song is "Toi Je Cherche" and it is sung by Father Pat. If I had kept my French up I wouldn't be facing this problem. At least I was able to recognize a few words.

Like I said Jesus has a sense of humor and I am deeply thankful for listening to him and hearing that still small voice that continues to let me know he is with me always. Now I'm extremely curious to know all the words of that song.

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