September 03, 2009


Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. It seems facebook has taken over for a bit. Life it seems has a way of moving us along in different directions. This one for the good because it's main focus is about faith. Life is also challenging when we lose things and when we need to change plans for the sake of others as well. On a good note, St. Anthony answered prayers on two lost items. A camera that I carry and a change purse disappeared. I searched high and low for the items, they were found when my parents got their car back from being fixed. God does have a sense of humor, because I thought they were under the seat of my car only to be found under theirs. After all a purse does occasionally fall off the seat and lands on the floor of the car. I tried to figure out where on earth it might have gone to, since the only places I carry the thing is at work, car or church. The rest of the time it's in hiding at home. So today I can offer up my thanksgiving to St. Anthony for answering those prayers.

I think I've also come to a new level of praying as well. As I did the rosary at Chapel earlier this evening a moment of jolting hands brought me out of deep prayers. I'm sure many have experienced this while praying the Rosary to Our Lady. My prayers go out for all those who are ill and suffering pain of some form or another. For the Church and the Body of Christ, the people who make up the church.

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