September 08, 2009

Mowers and Snakes

Still unable to get the riding lawn mower to start, even changed the spark plug along with the ignition switch, nothing. Using the push mower definitely made for leg work and scaring snakes away too. I spotted one in the garden, of all places, slithering around the plants.

I definitely wasn't going to stick my hand in there and pull up the weeds. When it did decide to leave the garden, I saw it and chased it with the mower into the woods. Talk about bravery, normally I stay far away from the area but for some reason I wasn't afraid today. Maybe it had to do with the mower and the noise it made to scare it off, but I did pray to our Lady quite often. Out of it all I managed to mow the whole back yard, side and part of the front before I just couldn't do anymore.

While mowing I couldn't help think about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the encounter with the snake. Each time I've crossed paths with one, it always seems it's in a flower garden or vegetable garden. Snakes seem to have this affinity with gardens then. Anyway, today it brought to mind another visit one made long time ago when in the beginning it signalled Adam and Eve's casting out of the Garden. Today, instead of being chased away, I did the chasing out of the garden. Too bad that also didn't happen long ago as well, perhaps life would have been so very different today. I praise God because I also conquered my fear of snakes as well, I just will not touch them.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

Aww.... poor snake. They're God's creatures, too. And as Aquinas tells us, God can only create good because He is all good. Snakes are beneficial in gardens because they eat the insects and slugs and such, that are harmful to your plants. Snakes are to be encouraged in gardens, not chased away. Didn't God put the snake in the Garden of Eden? I say, "Leave the poor snakes, alone." They won't bother you; they're reclusive.

Marie Cecile said...

I must be wrong then in my thinking and I stand corrected. Snakes are good.

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