September 14, 2009

Following In His Step

Yesterdays homily was about a show called "To Tell the Truth" and a tie in with the days readings. Much was said, that if anyone recalls this show, would know how they went about knowing who the title of a person belonged to by the many questions asked. At the end it came about with the following, will the real person please stand up and so it went. How do we truly know anyone even when asking questions. One never really knows them completely. It was a profound homily! Even when we attempt to know people we don't really know them, and as the Priest put it we too would hardly know Jesus until that day we come to our Eternity. I wanted to share this because how truthful it is.

We try on a daily basis to get to know the people we love and live with and often don't know the total person unless we grow in trust and continue learning about them. Even after living with a person for over 50 years do they really know their partner? Not interiorly. The Priest also broached on a subject about following Christ, that as a follower we too would be rejected. If that is the right word he used, anyway, following Jesus does not guarantee a likable venture by others and one that I truly understand. I have encountered rejection myself from every source imaginable because I live to be kind and live to love others with all my heart. Following in the footsteps of our Lord where he too encountered dislike and rejection when people failed to know of his love for them. From this homily I found happiness to know that I am a follower and happy to know rejection as he did. These are the blessings that we receive being a follower of God and His Son.


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