September 17, 2009

A Blessing

Yesterday afternoon I went and took care of a few things, so on my way home I detoured to go up one of the surrounding hilly areas of the countryside. I did get to do quite a bit of reflection and also throughout that drive I did lots of thinking. One in particular was about deer and how nice it would be to see some. A simple thought! I thought about some of the dreams or aspirations of when I was younger and how they have not come about. Some dreams are not meant to become a reality for a reason.

Anyway, last night we had scripture sharing. I thought it went quite well for this coming Sunday's reading. The topics that were discussed about service and justice were amazing. I truly enjoyed listening to what was being said. Last last few times I have gone to scripture sharing have been different. I don't know what it is unless it has to do with the upcoming change that is occuring in our Parish, that of another church merging with ours to bring together a closer family of faith. They seemed more open, open in the way of welcoming new people who may not be like them. After all we are called to love our neighbor no matter their circumstances. It can be hard when we are set on one way of following faith and to incorporate another family of faith with different values in the way they worship and do things. I think the Pope has it right in unity in how it all should be done when we are all part of the same "Catholic" family. The ritual and how it all should be done have no changes unless it's the people who change them out of their boredom of faith. At least, I hope the transition will come together smoothly for our Parishes.

So on my way home last night as I neared the bottom of the hill, there stood two deer at the foot of a driveway munching on what is on the ground. My headlights flashed on them and I was delighted to know that God answered such a simple thought. Because all the years I've been in this area, seeing them at night is a rarity, just like during the day.

***corrected incomplete sentence, but lost thought about what was to be there, sorry about that.***

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