August 17, 2009


There is a good point to keeping a car washed, it helps to prevent problems from road salt. I noticed there were little dark specks all over the hood of my car. I couldn't figure out what it was until recalling a day that tar was being laid down on the road to patch holes. Even with that I had to wonder how on earth it got on my car. Anyway the cleaning part was extremely slow. That slow wash made for a nice clean car and a closer observation of deterioration near the tire wells. Nothing serious or major, but from that I thought about how God teaches us to care for ourselves and our own bodies.

I think it had to do with slowing down as well since we are always in a rush to get to one place or another and often times to complete work faster. But when we do work faster we take work away from others as well. Jobs are lost in how we can eliminate jobs by coming up with faster and better ways to do it. We are so smart that we are the ones who are causing much of the ruin. Jesus exhorts to rest, to slow down. Don't we often feel the effects of going too fast when we get tired or finding ourselves in accidents. Jesus used to take moments away from what he was doing in his ministry to rest his body, mind and soul and give time to God his father. We've come so far away from this in this day and age haven't we. We work on the sabbath, we don't always rest and take time to give to God let alone give quality time to our families. Can we change? Is it possible, it must be because we all were taught to change to a faster pace and to follow a new way.

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