August 07, 2009


Being certain of what Jesus has done has kept my focus upon him when I am tempted. I have found strength in knowing what I am to do to keep following him and doing what is right in my life. No matter how many times others will try to cause hurt and mischief, Jesus always comes through. He doesn't let evil triumph. I have found even in my own Parish those who seek to destroy and cause harm to those who are not of their group. Sad how this is so much a part of the world. It's not just in churches but in all walks of life that if you aren't part of the group, it's guaranteed an outcast a person will be.

I've watched it happen many times to other people, wondering why people cannot accept their neighbors and love them. Wars are constantly fought in many countries because they want what others have or to displace those they dislike. Love seems to be the lost part of the equation and hatred has become the focus. When people become tired of the hatred and realize that love truly does conquer, the world just might be a better place when they open their hearts to those around them. Jesus is the way to opening that heart to our neighbors.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

You're right, mc, Jesus is the way to opening the heart, and He is always urging us, prompting us (through His Holy Spirit as well) to meet fear and hatred with kindness and compassion, to respond with love under all circumstances. A huge challenge, but you, for one, are constantly showing us how much you are up to that challenge.

Marie Cecile said...


I didn't know I was doing that. It's been a natural instinct to continually love those who don't love, it's not always easy. But I too fail at times when I let my own personal self get in the way.

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