August 02, 2009


It's wonderful to come across people who have been touched by our Lord in unique ways. I am awed when I encounter anothers vision. A gentleman showed me a picture he took of a sunset that remarkably had an image of the same face of Veronicas veil. When I stopped in the Church at the place I was at for a retreat the same picture was up by the altar for veneration. Yet, this man also has this picture given to him coming from the sky in the sunset.

I was also able to share the pictures I took, the brief power point show that is not finished. I have discovered that I don't quite have the talent to put together a visual showing. Is there anyone out there that could help me. That is my first call for help. I have gone so long in life doing so much on my own without burdening anyone and now I have a difficult time asking for needed help. I can at least write it anyway even if it doesn't happen. Not being negative either, just realistic. I'll never be ashamed of loving God, but I am ashamed at times to reveal where I work, and this came about when another person asked me where I worked. For once in my life I have been truly ashamed of the place I work. But then again, maybe they are ashamed of me too because of my deep love for God.

One thing I do know about myself is I am wrong on many occasions about many things. Learning about life can be difficult at best. Learning about love isn't so hard. I think through it all I have learned that life can beat you up, but God's love is unfailing.

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