August 29, 2009


I become accustomed to confession once a month, in fact I look forward to this sacrament. I never got used to the confessional without the wall between my confessor and me. When that changed I stopped going to confession. Somehow it made it harder to speak from the heart. When I go to the Basilica they have both and I suppose most Churches probably have this as well. Since Saturdays are generally the day confession is available, I can't go because I work.

That's why when I found it available during the weekday somewhere other than my parish I go once a month. It's also required of the Lay Community I belong to to avail oneself of this most wondrous sacrament. Why am I mentioning this of all days. Today is also the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist, he preached repentance before the coming of Our Lord. Can I do no less in a world that is also filled with more people and with more vices. I know what it does for me by cleansing my interior self of unwanted junk. Restoring the beauty of the soul. The benefits of confession does wonders and many have long forgotten the beauty of this sacrament. Especially when they go to receive communion clean from the filth that mars the reception of communion.

In my personal opinion I think the sacrament of penance has sat dormant too long now and people need to start lining up and going to show our Priest that we need their absolution and blessing on behalf of our Heavenly Father. What a great way of showing our Priest how much we need them in this sacrament of faith along with the Sacrament of Holy Communion by also attending Mass.

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