August 09, 2009


I woke up just past midnight thinking I was listening to a song, all the while I was also saying the words like a litany. The words seemed more along the line of rejoicing and praising God. It was a consolation of sorts from a decision I made earlier in the evening that upon waking I completely forgot about. It was along the line of God's commandments and letting them be a major path in my life along with the acknowledgement of my human failings as I grew up. Some things have been coming about lately regarding decisions in my life and some of the strange things happening with the people around me in my prayer and church life. I know what has been given and done for me in part of the thoughts that form part of my life. To explain some of this I need to also mention a moment over a week ago.

On a friday evening on July 31 I had a delightful time during Adoration. Between prayer, reading and reflecting, it didn't prepare me for the sight I saw when I left the Chapel. A brilliant rainbow, believe me it was awesome to see. I went to my car to get my camera. Christ the King Church looked like the rainbow was over it and I knew in those moments God gave me such consolation to know His undying love for me and the promise he has kept for all of us. The picture below is the first one taken.

This one shows it's getting darker out, the time would be close to 8:15 pm.

For some this may be meaningless, but for me it is the world. What everyone takes for granted I struggle daily with and God answers my prayers in a most delightful way when most of my daily encounters are filled with discouragement. God's love shines brightly for my eyes to see from the depths of my heart. I would love more than anything for many to see God's love in the simplest of ways. But all I can say is that He gave me love when others have gone away. I too know when I err, but when a person of faith takes it upon themselves to sleight you along with another and after a third time of this I had to finally turn away also. So much hurt, yet I am the bad one out of it all. That's why lately when many things come to me from our Lord, I know then that somehow He is giving me the strength to walk each day among the thorns.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Light of Faith said...

Truly awesome rainbow pictures , wonderful captured . I hope and pray that Lord shall answer to your prayers , count on may prayers and my (almost) daily Rosary .
May God bless and be with you always ! In Christ , Danielle

Marie Cecile said...


I love your nickname, thank you most of all for your prayers. Oh but he does answer my prayers and that's what matters most to me. So your prayers always needed and most welcome. God love you!!

Gabrielle said...

Hi, mc! Sorry I've been away for so long from visiting peoples' blogs (but I am on the path to reform). :)

He is such a loving God, giving us little signs of affection and consolation all throughout the day (for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see). I'm so happy you do.

Marie Cecile said...


It's so good to hear from you, I hope all is well with you? What's this about reform? You do such wonderful work on your blog. I'm sure that there are many who receive this as well throughout their day. God is so good it's humbling when His love shines bright.

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