July 15, 2009


I'm not surprised when it comes to music but general words are rare when waking up. I was surprised about the word wormwood and it's significance. The search brought about knowledge about the plant and it's bitterness and not too much else. One or two mentions in the bible and some about a greenish liquer. Nothing too interesting about it, pretty flowers it produces.

I got to thinking about how the world is changing and what is going on. Is there any wonder at all at how many people in this world may suffer from bitterness because of situations that are placed upon them due to job loss, illness, many other things that most of us have no clue what they go through. Yet it all can be fixed, but those who can do it are rooted so deep into selfishness that they release the very toxic effect on others known as bitterness.

This has an affect on the life giving water. What courses through us is the water of life, but it is getting polluted with bitterness from lack of care from many who are centered on their own agenda. How easily it all could change if love were the center of all that we do. When we place God in the very center of our lives and let His son guide us on the right path. Do we harbor any bitterness that we might not know of? Why the bile seems to rise up on occasion, is it possible to have it part of our lives unsuspecting. Slowly eating us up.

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