July 20, 2009


I've tried to go the route of the world, but my thoughts still end up on God and all that belongs to Him. Not in the way others would go the route of the world. There are attempts to watch television and I can't seem to even do that. Or to write about mundane things on facebook or toy with some of the odd stuff. But my mind and my thoughts focus mostly upon those quizzes that tend to religion rather than anything else.

Sometimes I wonder how I ended up so deep and strong in this spiritual world I find myself in. Yet, I do know it all happened so long ago, that faith stayed with me. Then there was the personal encounter that sealed my fate. One never is ever the same when the Holy Spirit touches your life in the physical sense. What did I ever do right to receive such an encounter as this. A gift like this was hard to believe because it's similar to our Ladys encounter but oh so different. Our Blessed Mother was truly worthy of receiving such grace from God. I on the other hand am not worthy of this grace, yet I did receive it and I accept it as a special gift to concur what God has given to our Blessed Mother. In order for the truth of her miracle be made known. That Jesus is her son and was born of the Spirit and made flesh. How truly possible it was to have happened for our Blessed Mother.

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