July 06, 2009

Scents of Fragrance

We have a delightful seminarian named Matthew that was assigned to our Parish. He did yesterdays readings at Mass. He did a beautiful job too. He is going to make a wonderful Priest too. Keep him in your prayers please.

Two Sundays in a row brought about a delightful scent as well. I don't wear any flowery perfume, yet that delightful fragrance was present at mass. It was quite strong at times. It's not a rose scented fragrance but a unique blend. Last week I wondered, but this week I was not near anyone for it to waft so strongly at moments in front of me. I thank God for those moments when His presence is known. I recalled an earlier time when so much began, I almost forgot about it, I had asked Him to allow me to smell his perfume when He is near. Now I do understand why the scent is so unusual in fragrance. Just like the time I smelled sweet incense during the mass on the Epiphany of our Lord.

I am extremely grateful for this special gift of love. So many could also have this if only they give Him their all and absolute love to Him, instead of snide comments that are made when they do not understand the gift of God's presence. I've found people will speak openly of New Age Occultism and what they perceive, but scoff at the truth of God. There should never be any jealousy toward another, irregardless of what goes on in anyone's life. God is all about love. There were times when I too lacked love for neighbor and made comments out of a lack of understanding, in this regard I know so well how truthful this is. When God is present in one's life it is easy to understand how much the Word of God is above all about love in the highest degree. Most of all it is dealings with coworkers that bring this writing about often their lack of understanding in light of another's faith. Good people anyway.

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