July 17, 2009

The Main Attraction

I had gone to Mass at one of the area churches recently to find the Tabernacle moved back to the center where it belongs. I was so delighted to see this, that our Lord is the main focus upon entering. This morning I read an article by Bishop D'Arcy that brought delight as well. It's wonderful to see and read that Our Lord will once again be the Central focus. Years past it was a search to find upon entering the location of Our Lord, only to find him off to the side or hidden in an alcove. Seemingly lost upon entering a new church to find the tabernacle not in prominence but located after searching somewhere off the path. One has to look either to the left or right, and by then the reason for the visit seems to get lost too. Honor to Our Lord has now taken a detour to reflection. Anyway, it is with hope that He will be restored to Central focus of our faith and our churches.

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