July 25, 2009

Good News

Now this is good news! Perpetual adoration returns to Boston after 40 year absence, it's return comes at a time after much has gone on in Boston. When I read the article this morning on the Diocese newspaper The Pilot I was overjoyed. Eucharistic Adoration has touched my life and I'm sure it would also touch others as well when they open their hearts to Christ present in the Eucharist.

Believing isn't always easy for those in the world, nor is it easy for those who say they have been Catholics all their lives. Sometimes it's dealings with others that we find disbelief in people rather than disbelief in the presence of God. They show how much evil is present in their minds and hearts by how petty they are toward each other. Stooping at levels of nastiness to cause hurt. How many people see this daily in their lives and try to find comfort and solace in God's presence while those around them put their noses constantly in others peoples business. How is it possible to see the very image of God in others when they act so vile. It's no wonder we have lost touch with God when we say we are Catholic, when we are this way with those we deal with. God who is love, waits patiently for us to open our eyes and our hearts to what we do to others.

I sometimes am baffled as well by my comrades in faith and the depths of ugliness that I see in how they talk about others, the digs in their conversations. Those are the moments I no longer see the presence of God in them. Yet this is the way the world is today. This is how we have evolved when we no longer fear repercussion for our actions. Throughout my life I have been a watcher of what goes on around me in the world, seeing the interaction of others. Some of those moments I'm amazed that God doesn't wipe us all out when many of the actions and words of others are evil in their intent rather than good. Knowing how loving and forgiving God is, he gives us all a chance to come to him and mend our ways. And what better way to do that, by placing ourselves at His feet in Adoration. Maybe then the people of the world will begin to change for the better and we might begin to see a new dawn rising.

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