June 15, 2009

Corpus Christi

What a beautiful turnout we had yesterday for the Corpus Christi Procession for Vocations. It was held this year in my town of Ludlow, MA. Since the day started out with rain, none of us were certain of the outcome. Yet, God answered those prayers to stop the rain as a beautiful sign of His Love. There is no doubt in my mind that he does answer them. After all we ended up with possibly 600 people walking the procession. The Churches were filled to overflowing. I'm so proud of the people who bore witness to their faith by following Jesus in the walk to bring future vocations. It was announced to us that we now have 28 seminarians since the dedication of the Chapel to Vocations. God is so Good!!!

It seems that God has truly been anwering those prayers. I remember from the beginning praying to restore the life of the Church, to cleanse it, to bring holy priest. It is with hope that this is coming about. It's not just my prayers but those of the faithful as well. Amazingly, finding out that following God is what truly makes a heart happy, it's great. Having detoured enough times in my life while following God, has shown me the depth of His love. Believe me, I think I've tried God's patience more than anyone. He is my happiness, my joy and my life. I've found throughout the years when people abandon you, God doesn't. Nor does he persecute us when we err and don't measure up. He does allow us freedom to do our own will, but he loves when we do His will above our own. It's that simple. That's when we find out that things truly do work out for the best then.

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