May 01, 2009

The Walk

Undertaking homework and attempting to achieve weight loss can be trying at times. So I have been keeping a food journal to find where I go wrong in the eating department. And also keeping up with my walking. I found after visiting the Chapel walking with renewed vigor after a long day at work. Those moments to reflect on as I walk.

One thing about doing the walk for exercise, it's also taking a different route each time, to encounter new sights. By doing so, it removes the type of routine that can often become boring and mundane. Something that tends to stop people from continuing on the journey. Possibly the same can be said of faith. We become too accustomed to routine and tire of the never endless sameness. I found that while walking, even though I change the route to bring about some ups and downs via a hill, and new sights the same is with faith. The ups and downs, the joys and the sadness as part of faith. The sadness of the Cross and the Joy of the Resurrection. Even though our journey in faith seems a bit of a routine, it's how we tend to look at the way we do those routines that we find the journey lively. How we open our hearts to the love of God enables us to take what is routine and make it so much more.

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