May 07, 2009

Moments of Reflection

Every now and then, there is a need to go off to a place, a place that often brings peace to the soul. My weekend was spent in contemplation and reflection. Not many prize this in their life or value what it does for the soul. So on Tuesday which is my Saturday I spent long hours away from home contemplating my lifes direction in the spiritual sense. On Wednesday, my Sunday was spent reflecting the message of the Gospel.

It turned out to be a very beautiful day where silence and harmony filled the air. The noon Mass was filled with wonder and grace. My heart was filled with consolation, knowing how much there is love and need deep within my soul. A song began in the depths, but to recall the words now, are lost.

I knew in my mind and my heart how much I need you, dear God. In the same way I knew of his love for me. Moments that I wasn't sure could be possible and yet they are. How truly possible it can be to know how much we are needed and loved by God and so much more. If I am wrong I'm certain I would be corrected on it. It was a weekend of awe and wonder, where love and need came shinning through to touch my heart.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

"Not many prize this [contemplation and reflection] in their life or value what it does for the soul." I imagine this makes you sad, MC, as it does me. Can you imagine how sad it makes The Blessed Trinity, Mary and everyone in heaven... I'm glad you had such a tranquil mid-week to be with the Lord in prayer.

Just Me Marie Cecile said...

I didn't realize that comment would make anyone sad. Until you mentioned it. I know at the moment I wrote it, it was with the knowledge that many souls would honestly benefit from it. But many in this world choose another way.

Gabrielle, if it makes me sad that people rather go the route of the world in prayer then it's true. Because I would much rather see people head back to God, Jesus, and the whole of Heaven, than lose their life, without knowing how much God truly loves them.

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