May 16, 2009

Lifes Lessons

I have much thinking to do, yet, what purpose would that thinking help. It seems that people come into our lives for reasons beyond our comprehension. Either to make peace or to aid in their growth. For whatever reason it may be prayer should be a constant. My ex-boyfriend has been in contact with me and I don't know why when he was adamant on never seeing me again. I've forgiven him and found myself learning to trust. But I am baffled as to why he constantly mentions ending it all, his life that is. Am I to be strong for him too and pick him up off the proverbial floor and nurture him when he is too weak to care for himself to continue in this life.

What causes so many in this world to seek the darkness of oblivion? We are all placed upon this earth for a reason, many to help each other grow. Yet, we fail this daily when we turn our backs on those in need. Refusing to listen or to care. Moments like this remind me of how much God loves us and never gives up on us when we turn away. He always places people in our lives to bring love, to nuture the wounds that life causes. It's up to us to be peacemakers and love our neighbor as Jesus commanded. Can I do no less when someone reaches out to me when they hurt.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

Soulfull Longings,
You have a good heart, but be careful. Work on FINDING him help, rather than BEING his help.
Take care.
P.S. I like your blog.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you for the advise, it will be heeded. At this point the only thing I can be for him is a friend nothing more. He is, as I was told seeing a counselor. Thank you for your comment about my blog, please come by anytime. God bless you!!

Gabrielle said...

I'm sure you are praying for him, mc, and as you mentioned in the post above this one, intercessory prayer is so important. So I join you now, and ask that our Mother Mary will intercede with the Holy Spirit to bring him hope, light, peace and joy, as well as wisdom to his counselor.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you so much Gabrielle, with our prayers healing may be his. He isn't a bad guy at all, sometimes even I misunderstood him out of my own fear. And my prayers have been for his healing and conversion of heart. As well as the healing of the wounds of his soul.

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