April 20, 2009

Make a Change

It was a glorious day yesterday for the Orthodox Easter celebrations as well as those who follow the Divine Mercy Sunday. The sun was absolutely beautiful. Spending time with Chapter members as we too celebrated this special Sunday. Amazingly I found out why certain things have a way of happening. People no matter how religious they are, love to put their noses where it doesn't belong. Understanding why good things can happen and particularly when the not so good happens is usually by the hand of others.

In this world we create much of what causes discord among our peers. In the schools with kids, particularly it's a growing phenomena. They follow by example and that doesn't bode well when it's those they look up to that create discord. Children will lie because it's what they see and hear. They will steal because they see it done. They follow the leader basically. If mom and dad are loose in morals so too are they. And the list can go on, on why the children of this day and age are drug addicts and alcoholics. That is not just for the poor children either, it's mostly those who have money that find the children in worst shape as well. Will it ever get better? Good question. Not unless we change radically. And that won't happen unless those in the position of power begin the change and set the correct examples to live by.

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