March 26, 2009

Will versus Will

One thing I love about Lent, it's the time we take to prepare ourselves for the end result, that of Easter when our Lord has Risen. It's taking moments out of each day to fine tune our sacrifices and thanksgivings. Last night we had a Lectors meeting as well as scripture sharing, for me these are semi new. The Lectors meeting brought to light how to dress and how to do so much more. It addressed issues that I would not have thought of. So in a wonderful way it brought to light an importance on morality of how we dress.

So many seem to take this for granted and dress as if there is no importance at all. It's not a fashion show nor a playground but a respectable moment where we honor our Eucharistic Lord. Even as participants sitting in the pews many come dressed in attire that is quite unacceptable. Anyway, last night was about guidelines to follow. Our Church has many of these, but often we fail to follow them. From this I discovered how much we have gotten away from the respect we show our Lord. Amazingly even dressing for weddings has become outrageous. From the bride's gown to those who attend have become more provocative through time. In this I can say I am a moral prude when it comes to dressing with respect to self.

I stopped at a place called Mary's Farm yesterday. It is taking shape to be a nice place for reflection. I spoke with Brother Bob and he gave me so much in the way it all came about and how it's all taking shape. We even had a moment to speak on the Eucharist and what I saw. I did show him the beautiful picture in my camera's memory. He did say something about how special I am for having seen, and I know it is. Yet there are many times that there seems to be more trials than pleasantries. Often I feel as if I fail God more than anyone. Yet deep in my heart I am sorry for much of what is said and done, even those of thought. A constant struggle to keep on the narrow path. Lent for me has brought a greater awareness of the areas where I see needed improvement. Learning to take steps to bring about correction in my daily living to bring myself closer to Jesus and His Father.

Many a time I have found why people don't want to walk this path, because it means following the will of God and not our own. It means giving up our will and letting go and letting God be the driver. In a world that promotes self, this is the hardest of all for a people of faith to be true followers of God. For the longest time throughout history we have placed our free wills before God's will. Is it any wonder the world has turned out so deep in it own sin.

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