March 01, 2009


My sister came over last night! It was quite nice to play cards and compare notes on menopause. She went through a little bit of it after she had a hysterectomy and shes just a year younger than I am. Debbie brought over some of the pictures of my great nephew, what a little cutie he is too. It was quite a wonderful evening.

I get to see my Spiritual Director pretty soon. Time goes by so fast already. I was debating on a few things lately and now I will be able to take the time to prepare what I need to put together. Since I have let Sister Therese see the pictures and she has the album, I need to put together another one. Anyway the next few days are going to be ones filled with awe and wonder.

I found out yesterday evening at work that the 2nd shift supervisor is no longer with us, but that was said before, so gossip is something I try to not indulge in. It causes much harm and mistrust. I think my ideals are too high sometimes and maybe I need to change how I think. I can't change the world but I can change me to follow God better.

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