February 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Sometimes having the brilliant idea of placing a blog on private to enable a change, but plans don't always work out that way. Then the other is changing the template and not being able to post or access it unless its via another route. I wanted to make a change and do a voila, my did that come out good thing. I'm laughing at myself and those moot points of I want to do it differently. Upon reflection the same could be said about Lent and what we plan to do with it.

Like attempting to make a change or make a fashion statement Lent is a time to do a little of both. Like a blog template it's an outward appearance mainly, but the interior of it is faith filled. I wanted to change the outer appearance for the sake of being more appealing. Beauty attracts the eye for many people but fail to notice what's within. Sort of like true love, only in that case it's what is within that attracts, that is the very heart that I speak of.

So Lent is a springtime for cleaning and for renewing the love that is within. Maybe by using the blog as an example when shutting off for public view and returning with a new look would have been quite an example in itself. But the true beauty is not in the look but what is truly within that makes it special in its own way. What on earth does this have to do with Lent anyway? Judging by looks and not seeing within, there are many other forms of examples that can be used to aid in Lenten sacrifices. I used this one because we all use the eye to see with and this is what seems to be one way of bringing into focus another way to see God in life and in the season of Lent, how we judge by senses and the appearance of what we see. So now that we have gone and received our ashes today, I wonder how many wiped them off as soon as they got home or on their way to work.

When I went to the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge today, I saw people who had ashes on their foreheads during Adoration and that was before their Mass. Now that was nice to see. I went there to start my Lent off with Reconciliation and Penance in mind. I went to cleanse the interior of any smudges of dirt that mar the beauty that shines through to the exterior. My spring cleaning began with washing the windows of my soul.

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