February 18, 2009

Making the Rounds

Father Eugene Plasse was over for supper on Monday evening. The conversation about retreats came about. He mentioned the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary paying a visit and introducing myself to the Provencial. So yesterday that is where I went. I set out to meet the Provencial and met instead Sister Sylvia L. who brought me to the Chapel and showed me the infirmary. The place is absolutely beautiful and very peaceful. The link to the Sisters website is with the picture when you click on it.

After I left there I saw this other place just next door to them. So I visisted St Basil Seminaries books shop, where of all places I never thought to have seen, Muriel. I met her for the first time at a retreat I went to at LaSalette. She helps out with Father Pats ministry.

She handed me this flyer for an up coming event. So if anyone reading this is in the area, take the opportunity to go to one of Father Pat's Concerts or Healing Mass, you will never be disappointed. No matter how old you are, young or old or vice versa the minister, when God chooses to use a person to bring healing you'll be amazed when you let God touch you through them. It was through this ministry that I truly began to understand God's hand in my life.

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