February 28, 2009

Love of Neighbor

It seems to be par for the course to get an end of the winter season with a cold. On top of the extreme heat used at work, then a drop in temperature has now had the effect of a sore throat along with being ill. The temperature changes happened several days ago and the truth of why they did it is beyond me. But if I am getting sick from it so will others as well.

It makes me wonder why people go to extremes like this in the work force to create their own discomfort as well as others. What mentality drives them to do this? More like childish behavior. Excuses don't cut it either when it's easy to change the temperature and they say they don't know why it's so hot in there in the first place. What lesson is there to be learned in this regard? How to forgive the actions of others and love them inspite of the evilness of their actions. I'm not perfect myself because I react just like the rest of them. But when I asked one time to have the heat lowered I got refused by the supervisor and told she didn't know how. Yet on another day she did it for someone else. Yet I still love them and accept the fact that they are ill in mind while I am ill physically. Venting and forgiving.

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