February 02, 2009


Moments occur in our lives to bring about a better understanding of God's graces. At least for me this is so. Prayers were answered that brought about a reunion of sorts. A moment in time that shined God's love for me. To help a friend in need of solace. I was this persons sounding board, an ear when no one else was there to listen. The last few days with music being closer than ever brought to the forefront his message mostly about listening. Listening with the ears of the heart.

We listen to people on a daily basis and often take for granted this very gift to hear. But it's the interior ears that we all too often fail to use at times when we listen to others speaking. People can say alot and go on and on about so much stuff but never truly say whats in their heart and when they do, do we even hear it through all the fluff. Yet there is also those who use words as a smoke screen to hide behind. My friend is one of those who uses words to cover up actions as well as to hide the truth of what's going on.

For me it brought to light something wonderful about what is going on in my life with God. Each moment in our lives we are given opportunities to see God's hand in it. Those moments either bring about a greater fullness in God's love or if we are living as the world, we would see it as something else. It's a moment to learn about God as well as ourselves and others. Some won't see it in anyway particular, neither a moment of grace or as anything else. How do we truly listen to others then when they speak, do we do it both ways, one with the ears and the other with the heart? One must think about this, because if we say we listen with the heart when we speak to others, then we aught to also be able to say we hear God when He speaks to us on a daily basis. That would mean that even though people are hiding behind a facade of words when they speak, when we listen we would know with our interior ears that Jesus is in their heart.

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