January 10, 2009


There has been something strange when I look upon the Host in Adoration. I can see it without my eyeglasses quite clearly. But the unusual part is the initials JHS on it. Before Christmas after a huge snow storm a new host was placed in the monstrance. This was after the forty hour devotion. I happened to say to another adorer aren't those initials beautiful, and she agreed. So I assumed this host was embossed. How odd it is to see it without the glasses when I've had to use them before to see the host fairly clear. Last night I mentioned it to Kerry, but odd thing he said he didn't see the initials. He doesn't wear glasses either. Anyway I think it's quite nice to be able to visually see the initials quite well and when I put my glasses on to see it, I can't see it as well. Either way I will continue to figure that this is an embossed host, just only that the grace of vision is a bit better than I thought. Considering anything over two arms length is a bit blurry. Go figure!

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