January 28, 2009

Three In One

Unique moments present themselves at unusual times. Three different things all coincided together to form one united thing. How is this possible? The same way when God's Word is kept alive in our hearts and we see it in our lives. This morning on my other blog, the daily Bible reading was about Altar furnishings, as it has been the past few days. Not too unusual when just reading it. The same when we go to Mass, nothing unusual, unless of course the days reading for the Mass along with what was read in the Bible and joined together with the thought upon seeing the Altar furnishings as Mass is unfolding. Wham!! A three fold unfolding of God's Word. It was quite an eye opener, a joy to behold, that from the beginning we have been following His Word at our Masses. I've partaken of Mass my whole life, but never noticed the significance before.

Amazing how His Word plays out beautifully when it's least expected. I'm grateful more than anything to have been given such an opportunity to witness His Word in such a way that truly brings it alive. Yet many go to the Mass without once realizing how much His Word is not only part of it but it is what He gave to us as a gift to live by. My heart this morning at Mass, upon seeing the vessels on the Altar, brought to mind the Bible verses along with todays Gospel of seeing and hearing His Word. Take a moment to read the Bible reading and then todays readings while keeping your minds eye on the Altar vessels and you may see what I just related. Amazing!! Three in one, what a gift of faith.

Added after publishing:

For reference todays daily Bible reading was: Exodus 37:21-28, todays Mass readings are 1:Heb 10:11-18 R:Ps 110:1-4 G:Mk 4:1-20.

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