January 26, 2009

A New Spiritual Director

OOPs, I published before writing. Wednesday will be a beautiful day, I have my first appointment with a new Spiritual Director. I was told to seek her out after Sister MaryAnn, but timimg wasn't there. I did ask, or should I say my mom asked Father Plasse to be my Spiritual Director, so in a sense I have two now. When I met Mary Lou a connection was found, so a new journey begins.

Sometimes in life we come across people who fit to a tee. I've only felt that once when walking beside another. And that was what I knew interiorly at the time. A rare moment for sure but one I will never forget. Odd that would come to mind, but then again those recall always seem to have their purpose. Maybe as God's way of saying how united we are with others when we walk side by side in His Love. I love God first of all and possible so does that other person. The fit would be one of faith and love of God. Amazing how God joins those who love Him. But that is my take on it, I never asked the other person if this was true for them as well. In this regard it is a man who I am referring to. I've often wondered about the significance of knowing this. Maybe one day it will be revealed.

Well anyway, I let out the exiting news of my up coming appointment, one that I hope will bring about a lasting friendship on the greatest journey of all.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

So happy for you, mc. I hope everything goes beautifully and that the Lord has now provided you with someone who will walk with you for a long time.

Marie Cecile said...

Me too Gabrielle, lol the storm we had yesterday cancelled my first appointment. We did reschedule for another day. I can't wait!

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