January 04, 2009


Christ the Great High Priest

Lord Jesus, place your words in my mouth that I may always proclaim your Good News. Place your song in my ears that my soul may dance. Place your vision in my eyes that I may see your Truth. Place your thoughts in my mind that I may contemplate your face day and night. Put your strength in my shoulders that I may bear my crosses. Place your diligence in my hands that I may always work to build your Kingdom. Place your courage in my steps that I may walk through dark valleys. Heighten my senses that I may long for the sweet bouquet of purity and taste and see the goodness of the Lord. Put your love in my heart that I may magnify your tenderness and compassion to all, even those that seem unlovable. Put your hunger in me that I may long for the Bread of Life. Place your thirst in me that I may drink deep of your cup. Robe me in your nakedness that I may imitate your humility. Share with me the isolation and rejection that you faced that I too may be a pilgrim longing for your Temple. Help me to understand your imprisonment that I may know your freedom. Allow what you will in my illnesses that I may receive your healing touch. Thank you for those who persecute, ridicule and despise me because of my love for You; may I return their evil with your goodness. Share your abandonment with me that You may be my all. Amen.

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