January 26, 2009


When I received the Program of Events for LaSalette last week in the mail, I noticed upon opening, the schedule for healing Masses. This Sunday was my Holiday and it was a blessing. I attended my Parish Mass and later in the afternoon I did get to go to a healing Mass. This was one time it was done on my own, without any promptings of the Holy Spirit. I went with my mom and dad in thought as well as for myself. It was a threefold journey for healing. Nothing ever prepares a person for tears, yet for some reason throughout the time I was there, that's all that I knew.

My mom was not feeling well when I left and for some reason her sadness stayed with me. She loves La Salette and more than anything I'm sure she would have loved to have gone with me. With her recent back surgery and issues that my dad has been having lately, it would have been too much for them. I think her sadness was also part of her concern for my dads test today. Her fear of being alone should she lose my dad, must weigh heavily on her heart. It's a concern for many who have lived long lives with their partners. It's a facet of life we often fail to witness in others.

The elderly often face this when their other half becomes ill. They have had their whole life with someone but do the young realize the depths they go through or the fear they encounter pending losing a lifetime love. Would they take care of them or push them into a home, never to be bothered with again. For some elderly, their health does not always allow them to live independently and their need for companionship is great.

It's almost a sad thing to know, but can be a blessing when faith is shared together as family. Faith that keeps a family strong in God. All too often in this world there is much focus upon ourselves and not enough on our neighbors well being.

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