January 19, 2009


There is something unusual and wonderful that happens every now and then. It's moments when the name of Jesus escapes my lips out of the blue. It bubbles forth from the depths of my being. I've often wondered in those moments if I should do as Samuel did and reply, "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening." Yet the name of Jesus just comes forth and I don't know why. Those precious moments I know the closeness of our Lord. Is it perhaps his nearness that evokes such a response from our hearts in the first place. What is in our heart comes resounding out of our mouths when we are united lovingly to Him.

At Mass yesterday a thought came through about spreading God's Love. A moment that reflected upon His grace in my life. It was by no means a detraction from Mass but an added bonus during the Homily. Yet that thought had no bearing on what was preached. An idea was born by God's grace. One that will merit discernment and reflection as He will continue to guide my path and journey in faith and love.

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