January 07, 2009


Every now and then an opportunity arises to venture beyond and see the honesty of the lives of others. I managed to pop into martha..martha and read of her honesty in her ongoing struggle. It takes so much courage to open oneself up and let out what is inside for others to read. Not everyone is that grace filled to write of such profound hurt in their daily struggle and battles. I am so very humbled by what others can relate to in their life and how they conquer and hand themselves over to a very loving God to help them on their personal journey.

Sometimes it's reading about these things we see a new light in our own lives and how God works in ours and how he touches theirs. They have conquered the fear of what their peers may think and placed it at the foot of the Cross. It's realizing more than anything that Jesus has suffered so much for us that helps those on the journey continually stay on the path to God and his love. Thank you heavenly Father for the continued guidance.

Those who choose to make light and poke fun at those who struggle daily in their faith have no life nor light in theirs.

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