January 31, 2009


At work yesterday before I left, I said something that bore such truth. I have a date with my boyfriend. He is well known around the world. He's highly wanted by most everyone. It didn't register with my co-workers at first, but they caught on by the fact that he's well known. My date was my hour of Adoration last evening.

It's not everyday a person says they have a date in this regard, especially one that is with Jesus and His Father and the Holy Spirit. It's a family gathering as well as a date. My date was extremely pleasant, it included feasting the eyes as well as listening to the music he shared. It was an hour of pleasant rapport between hearts. It was a date that was fullfilling and meaningful.

Whoever said dating was the pits never went on a date like this. A person never leaves upset or unfullfilled. Especially when one wears their heart on their sleeve as well as leaves it open for all possibilities of knowing the other better. I love going on those dates where I can treat my date like a King as he deserves and where I am the love of his life. A date between two hearts that become one in spirit. Now that is quite a date to go on!

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