December 08, 2008

Wonder Of It All

I managed to go to work a bit earlier yesterday so I could attend Mass at my own Church for a change on Sunday. I was glad that I was there, from the beginning a waft of that delightful perfume was present. There was only a older man directly in front of me. Everyone else was a distance away, yet on and off that beautiful scent could be smelled ever so briefly. It wasn't until the end of Mass after reflecting upon receiving Our Lord, that I began to think in the way of acknowledging the grace I've been given.

Acknowledging that they are with me at Mass and at other times of consolation. It's a beautiful gift to receive such a wonderful moment. The scent does not smell like roses at all but a most beautiful blend of flowers. I remember once asking God to be able to smell his own unique scent like when people smell roses for our blessed Mother. Unless of course this is her own unique scent as well. So I will place that unique blend upon the Holy Family at this time. These last few years have been extremely blessed ones. A period of learning and a period of cleansing. Do I understand the depths of love that our Blessed Mother was given when she was chosen to be a mother to Our Lord, very much so. One would almost have to go through a similar experience to understand the gift that was given to her and know how truly possible it is. We are truly blessed to have such a loving and wonderful God in our world. I hope that many will come to open their eyes and hearts to the gift of Jesus and the truth of it all.

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