December 27, 2008

One Day

It was a delightful evening listening to Father Plasse relating his Christmas homily and sharing his joy being with his family. When he came for supper he brought my mom a huge Poinsetta, it's beautiful. For me the best present I've received in the last few days was his hug. That meant the world to me more than anything. He would have come over Christmas afternoon but we were over my nieces house for brunch (breakfast type lunch). A day later was just as good.

It didn't feel like Christmas this year. It was the earliest and most disappointing one of all. Not a thought went into the real reason we were celebrating. I've come to see how far away the younger ones have gone away from Church and God. My sister's kids I can say do go to Church and that is a blessing. Memories are good to have of days long gone when as a family we used to go to midnight Mass. Even when my grandparents were unable to go we all used to go. But the kids in this generation are different in my family. They do what they want.

Most of what I write about is taken from what I see in my own family and written in general. I see how far away they are from God and what they do, and if they are like this they are following along with others as well. But the very light of Christ is something they don't want in their life. I'm not ashamed of my love for God, but I am ashamed that the younger ones in my family have lost their faith and love for God. Please pray for them. They are good young adults but have lost their way when their parents stopped going to Church.

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