December 28, 2008

More or Less

While looking for the Holy Family I came across The Work of God and found a wonderful site of prayers and Catholic information. It took me awhile after browsing through and praying the prayers to find it again after I closed the site. I forgot to add it to my favorites. After locating it I made sure it's in there. Plus I wanted to share this site with others as well.

I love how many can create and build up God's Kingdom and share their faith with the world. One thing about loving God is the ability to love all else even when they err. Aren't we called to love the sinner as well. We may not like how they live or what they may say, but if we avoid those who transgress, how on earth is God's love able to bring conversion to their hearts. Maybe that's why during the years of Jesus' ministry he ministered to the poor, the sick, and the sinner. He didn't go around avoiding, rather he brought love.

St. Paul is a perfect example of how he brought love and conversion to a heart against God. Jesus went straight to the heart and worked quite a miracle. Jesus didn't pass down to us how to be picky and choosy, he gave us himself and his example of extreme love for mankind. What a blessing we have received on that Holy Night he was born.

That brings me to a discussion that we had with Father Plasse about a song called "O Holy Night" or as he said it in French "Minuits, chrétiens." Between my mother and him they recalled those long ago times of a Church filled with people and the beauty of this song. This is a song that truly touches the heart and thankfully so. I've always favored how it is sung by Johnny Mathis, he does it so beautifully, so listen to it here for a treat.

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